Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Brunch @ Sweet Melissas 3/5

There were so many places with Easter brunch that sounded pretty good. I wasn't sure if I was going to be in town so we didn't make reservations anywhere. Rather than try to find a place with a spot, we decided on trying Sweet Melissa's in Downtown Decatur. I can't really say I'd eat there again, although the food wasn't BAD. It just wasn't anything that I am going to yearn for again. Aside from the very nice servers, the place does not seem deserving of the good reviews on Yelp and others.

They also had some live music, which was fine. Not too loud.

We ended up trying both recommendations from the server...some Mad Platter and the Sunrise scramble. We also ordered a biscuit due to the reviews as well as some cheese grits. I'd give this place a 3 when you consider the nice service and all, but I wouldn't recommend it. Honestly, I'd rather eat breakfast at the hospital where I'm doing my rotation this month.

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