Monday, August 4, 2008

Cupcake Hunting Part II

Since our cupcake hunting episode a few weeks ago, I think I've driven everyone nuts with cupcakes. We've now upped our cupcake samples to 10 locations (at least) and still counting. The funny thing, as I've said, is that I didn't even like cupcakes before. Now we've been bringing them to friend's houses, making them on our own, etc. It has become a sick obsession. Here are my thoughts on the new places we've tried: (and now maybe I'll get it out of my system - though I have four more places on my list of places to try)

Star Provisions:
I've tried two different cupcakes here: the S'Mores cupcake and the Vanilla cake with blueberries. These weren't bad but also not my favorites. I'm also a bit disappointed with the icing on the blueberry one. It was whipped cream (and pretty good whipped cream at that) - kinda cheating if you ask me. The cake was light, moist, and not too sweet. However, it was border-line muffin-ish with the blueberries inside. The s'mores was an interesting one. It was a bit on the drier side, but I liked the bottom that had a crispy cookie or crust of some sort. Again, not my favorite cupcakes, but I do love star provisions for everything else!!! (esp their shrimp po 'boys)
Sugar Mama's - Ding ding ding! I think we have a winner!!! I really have a fellow Yelper to thank for this suggestion. He swore me to secrecy about it until they had their wedding contract with them finalized, which it has. This place was my favorite of the bunch. They don't have a store, but you can find the cupcakes at Aurora coffee. Nice light smooth icing, moist cake, mmm... interesting flavors. There is an Aurora coffee in Virginia Highlands and another in Little Five. I think partnering up with Sugar Mama's is the smartest thing Aurora Coffee has ever done because I'm honestly not crazy about their coffee. I've been twice for cupcakes (I've tried three different flavors) now and haven't been disappointed! I'm wary sharing this information because I'd be incredibly sad if I make the trip to Aurora and they have no cupcakes.

Dr. Bombay's - don't bother, though the store itself is cool. It was like tasting freezer-burn cardboard. I'd still go to Dr. Bombay's to chill and get a coffee. It is a cute store with many imported items from the UK.

Belly - Dry and not anything I care to try again. Belly itself is cute. I'll probably make another visit if I'm in the area, but honestly, you can get better food in the area for the same price range.
Table 1280 - mini cupcakes - it probably doesn't count. I usually looooove their pastry chef but the mini cupcakes were really dry.

Whole Foods - These looked questionable and tasting them didn't change my mind. Super gritty icing, more expensive than any of the other cupcakes, dry cake. What's to like? Sorry Whole Foods! I love you but you have awful cupcakes.

Little Cake Bakery - These looked very promising but were on the sweeter side for me, so I prefer Sugar Mama's Cupcakery. The icing is also a bit on the grittier side that I prefer. Below are the Mary Antoinette and the Creamsicle. I thought the Mary Antoinette was definitely unique but again it was too sweet. The creamsicle ended up not tasting creamsicle-like at all. Go to ACF for that. I can see why this place is a favorite for many, but it just isn't my personal favorite.

A second look at:

Atlanta Cupcake Factory: Not as good the second and third time around. These were on the doughy side sometimes and at other times a bit dry side. I do find the flavors very interesting so I'll probably be back at some point to try what I haven't yet.

Matty Cakes: This just isn't my style of dessert. I went back as promised and tried their suggestion - a double chocolate cupcake. Too rich and dense for a cupcake. I can see why some people may like it but I'm not a fan.

Cupcake Hunting Part I detailed here


Tamera said...
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Tamera said...

I love that you're doing this. I'm a cake decorator in my spare time (whenever that is!) and love trying the bakeries out there too. My current obsession is cupcakes and I love decorating them. I'm a self-professes cake snob and secretly compare my stuff to the "pros" out there. I have no business yet but it still doesn't hurt to size 'em up. I am going to have to try Sugar Mama. I have also tried ACF on 3 different occasions (yelped them too) and want to like them sooo bad (mainly cause of the flavors) but 5 out of 7 have been disappointingly DRY.

ATLBrownGirl said...

hi! i love your blog..i too love cupcakes and talk about them on my blog:

i have a monstrous sweet tooth so keep the reviews coming! great idea,