Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Sad Closing - Kool Korners

I tried phoning in an order to Kool Korners this week. I got off early so I thought I could make it over to Kool Korners by 3pm to get one of the much-raved-about cuban sandwiches. I seem to never make it to this Atlanta hot spot on time due to their limited hours.

Ring Ring.

Lady: Hello?
Me: Hi. Yes, I was wondering what your hours are for today.
Lady: We're closed.
Me: Oh, okay. Well, can you tell me your normal hours?
Lady: Hold on
[shuffle shuffle]
Man: Hello
Me: Yes, I was wondering what your business hours are...
Man: We're closed.
Me: Yes, I realize that, but can you tell me what time you normally are open?
Man: No. We are closed forever.

GASP! How could Kool Korners close? It was one of the hottest things in Atlanta. In all my years in Atlanta, I never made it over there in time to get one of these was my unicorn of Atlanta food, and now it seems that I will never get a chance at it. I immediately started texting family and friends who are fans of this joint. The reaction was unanimous - sadness. Kool Korners, oh why did you have to close?!?

Well, the afternoon wasn't a complete loss. I ended up trying out a pressed sandwich from Georgia French Bakery & Cafe. I'll write about it later, but it was a good find and more than a consolation prize.

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