Monday, July 28, 2008

Star Provisions - I never knew I liked Po'Boys

Saturday was perhaps one of our most memorable days of Atlanta Eating...We started the day off at Star Provisions and later on to Aurora Coffee to get some work done. (and for a Sugar Mama's Cupcake) For dinner, we went to Tomo. (discussed in length in my last entry) We topped off the evening with drinks at JCT Bar.

I'm not sure why I never tried Star Provisions for more than the cheese, (I've always liked their cheese station) but I'm now officially a fan. Star Provisions To-Go is a great environment for a lazy weekend lunch. It is cute and relaxing - great place to sit outside on a nice day! Yes, it is pricier than most sandwiches, but they use the freshest ingredients and it is well worth it. There is also a farmer's stand outside that sells produce. I didn't really see anyone buy anything, but the vegetables were went gorgeous. Anyway, onto our lunch:

Shrimp Po: Loved it! I highly recommend this sandwich. I'm usually not a big fan of po-boys, but SP uses really delicious and large sized shrimp. The shrimp are lightly fried and perfectly seasoned. They could stand a lone without the sandwich. The bread was also delicious - soft and great for this type of sandwich. The tomatoes they use are organic local tomatoes.

Falafel: This was a recommendation by the guy behind the check-out register. Thank you check-out-register-guy! Yum! I'll be honest, it wasn't the best falafel I've had, but it was flavorful and I'd order it again. The ingredients - lettuce, tomatoes etc. again were very fresh adding great color and taste!

Pickles: These came with the sandwiches. Not bad and not too salty!

Cupcakes - These aren't bad. I've had better cupcakes in Atlanta for certain, (I even had a better one later that day) but the cake of the original was nicely done - light and not overly sweet! It wasn't dry, but it could have used a slight more moisture for a cupcake. What I wasn't a fan of was the whipped cream on the top. I like light icings, but whipped cream seems a bit like cheating when it comes to a cupcake. The s'mores cupcake (that I tried on a different day) was a bit dry, although I really liked the concept and the crispness of the bottom of the cake.

Ham and Cheese Spiral Muffin - It looked so beautiful that I had to buy it. It was tasty all the way through. I was not disappointed but probably will not be purchasing it again.

I'll definitely be back to Star Provisions in the near future. I'd really like to try the hot dog there. It looked great and many people seem to be getting it - maybe they know something I don't.

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