Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Cross-Eyed Cat : Gato Bizco Cafe, A Review

How do I describe Gato Bizco Cafe? Tex-mex meets Crunchy-Granola = Great food and great people!

One sunny weekend noon, my friend and I decided to go to a brunch joint that neither of us had tried. Gato Bizco Cafe is located in the Candler Park area right across from the original Flying Biscuit Cafe. I'm not sure why I'd never been to Gato Bizco, which according to Babel Fish means Cross-Eyed Cat. I suppose it had something to do with the fact that I never noticed this small eatery until I read about it online. (online has really changed the way I eat)

To be honest, we were a bit apprehensive about the place, the reviews were pretty good for the most part, but there were the harsh ones as well. Also, the logo of the cat wasn't exactly inviting. The wait was longer than we had anticipated, but we were finally seated by who we believe was the owner, a nice bearded man. The place is very relaxed and all the people are very down to earth. There are people outside waiting for a seat, but you don't get that chaotic rushed feeling of many of the other hot brunch spots in Atlanta.

Service: It was the owner (again, pretty sure, but not certain) who took our order. He's a really nice guy who looks as if he was plucked straight out of the 70's. He even took the time to sit down at our booth to answer questions about the menu. Very helpful! The thing that really sold us was when he pointed out that we could basically order anything we wanted, however we wanted. It's written on the menu itself. He's pretty interested in making sure that all his patrons have a great experience, and for that, I'll be back soon.

The food/drinks: Even though the atmosphere is pretty laid back and you never feel rushed one bit. The cafe is pretty small so the service is quick and the food comes out fast, hot, and fresh. It was also incredibly impressive that the owner was there the entire time. Here's a run down of what we got:

  • Yum! I'll have another:
    • Orange juice: Fresh squeezed and delicious
    • Coffee: I didn't have any but my friend said it was pretty good
    • Huevos Rancheros: I went with the huevos since I had read so much about it. It isn't your traditional huevos rancheros, like I've had in Mexico. However, this dish is phenomenal. The flavors were nice and there was a good balance between all the ingredients. It was also well presented, something I wasn't expecting. I couldn't stop eating it. It lived up to the hype on Yelp. (a rarity) I highly recommend this dish, just don't expect traditional huevos.
    • Sweet Potato Pancakes: Yum! It is really delicious. I only wish I had had more room in my stomach. I'd never thought to mix sweet potato into a pancake, but it works very well. (This is coming from a girl who doesn't fancy sweet potatoes)
    • French Toast: This is what my friend had. It was pretty good. (get some pecans on it too)
  • Could Be Better:
    • The grits: I got cheese grits. I always get grits at a breakfast place, but if I go back, I'll be skipping this dish. Grits are not the Gato's forte, but hey, that was just one dish out of the bunch.
All in all, this definitely goes on my list of favorite brunch spots in Atlanta. The service is spectacular, there's a character and warmth about the place, and I really enjoyed my food. I'll be back.

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